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Thoughts on Superhit ‘Bollywood’ “ITEM SONG”: ‘FEVICOL SE’ , from 2012’s Blockbuster Film: Dabangg 2, which has gems like “Main to tandoori murgi hoon yaar, Gatkaa le saiyyan alcohol se…O yea!” (I’m a Tandoori/Baked in Earthen Oven Chicken; lover, gobble me up with alcohol)

Rs ♀ — ✇ — ♀ Rs

very obviously large part of India’s populace, esply the men are impaired by ingrained patriarchy, misogyny and the dump of macho bull; these are the guys ogling, groping, molesting and worse, oft perps of VAW, domestic violence; damaging public property during protests; littering, ‘scratching’, spitting, urinating openly…..

Now, any form of commerce or commercial art – not overseen, ‘regulated’ effectively, honestly – can make lots of profits by pandering to, gratifying these corrupted machoman instincts . It can be in the form of a product advert, film song or scene, or the whole film itself to selling cars!…… In effect these unethical ‘products’ & proposals legitimize the lewd & depraved thinking, including on women, and the control seeking, oft violent & criminal behavior therein.

That’s what the ‘Fevicol se’ “song” does, and sure enough this otherwise well composed ‘Item No’, and its ‘Lyrics’, with great moves by Kareena got hugely popular, and helped in increasing the film’s overall buzz and then revenues, in the process, making lots of money for everybody involved, from Producers to Sponsors.

Apart from glaring lack of self regulation, other disheartening aspects of this “song” are that it was a prominent part of a film created by an important ‘Bollywood’ film family, of superstar Salman Khan, and the “song” was sponsored by a leader of Indian Industry via a top Advertising Co, with brilliant creatives, writers; all of whom, for commercial self interests, were in denial of lyrics’ so obvious inappropriate, regressive thought process in the form of words, which in effect blatantly endorses and encourages the pathetic stereotype of treating women as objects, pieces of meat.

That said, right since its inception 100 years ago, the Indian Film Industry, legitimately funded ‘Bollywood’ & others have done more than their bit for Equality and Empowerment, making it cool in many films and creating awareness, changing attitudes outside of films too.

Over the past few years, and particularly since the infamous Delhi Rape (of Dec, 2012) and subsequent protests the Industry have become more sensitive to these critical Women and Gender issues. For instance Priyanka Chopra recently insisted on first perusing and approving the lyrics of her ‘Item No’ in a big Film, a move applauded by all activists, including Shabana Azmi (with whom the actor had had a disagreement over the subject earlier).

Though they have brought about a lot of it, mostly good, Social Change is not the Indian Film Makers’ job, but alongside Integrity of work needs to be always paramount: regulated by self or/and otherwise, the Indian Film Fraternity, and their associates (in funding, promotion, distribution, exhibition…) can do more in ensuring that no aspect of their Art are compromised, exploited for seeking unethical, illegit popularity and profits, feeding off and legitimizing India’s many social ills.

Chipkale Saiyan Fevicol Se Dabangg 2 Lyrics, with Translation

Translation edited by SunjayJK from http://www.bollymeaning.com/p/bollymeaning.html
Movie: Dabangg 2
Lyrics: Sajid, Wajid, Ashraf Ali
Music: Sajid-Wajid
Singers: Mamta Sharma, Wajid, Keerthi, Uvie
Starcast: Salman Khan, Kareena Kapoor (‘Item Girl’ for this song, above)
(Fevicol is India’s leading adhesive brand, made by Pidilite Co, used for Woodwork, Furniture, Rubber etc)
✇ ♀
(Female) Angdaaiyaan leti hoon main jabb zor-zor se
ufff! angdaaiyan leti hoon main jab zor-zor se
Uhh ahh ki avaaz hai aati har ore se
Main to chaloon is kadar
Ke mach jaae ye gadar
Hosh waale bhi madhosh aayein re nazar
✇ ♀
When I stretch (my body) mightily
When I stretch (my body) mightily
The sounds of ‘uhh’ and ‘ahh’ come from every sides
The way I walk
my saunter causes lots of commotion
Sober people also seem to get intoxicated
✇ ♀
Mere photo ko seene se yaar, chipkale saiyaan Fevicol se
Fevicol se.. Fevicol se..
Main to kab se hoon ready-taiyar
Pataale saiyan miss-call se
Merey photo ko seeney se yaar
Chipka le saiyyan Fevicol se..
✇ ♀
O my lover, stick my photo to your chest with Fevicol
With Fevicol, with Fevicol..
I have been ready for a long time
Make me yours by giving me a missed call.
Stick (my photo) to your chest using Fevicol
✇ ♀
Jhhoom jhhoom jhum barabar.. jhoom jhoom jhoom..
Jhoom le jhum le.. maze mein jhom le..
Jhoom le jhum le.. Nashe mein jhom le..
✇ ♀
Sway, sway, sway continuously.. sway, sway, sway..
Sway, sway , sway in merriment
Sway, sway, sway in intoxication..
✇ ♀
(Male) Pyaar karle tu aaj angoor ki daughter se
Naseehat bhool jayega tu ek quarter se
Peene waale ko bhi jeene ka mazaa aayega
Yeh wo daaroo hai jo chadh jaae sirf water se
✇ ♀
You, love the grape’s daughter (slang for wine, liquor)
You will forget the moral lesson with a quart
The one drinking will also have the fun of living
(You are) the drink, which intoxicates with water alone too
✇ ♀
(Female) Aaja mere raaja, tujhe jannat dikhaun main
Barfeele paani mein fire lagaaun main
✇ ♀
Come my king, let me show you heavens
I am the one who sets cold water afire
✇ ♀
(Male) Saare India..
Saare India ko tune ghulam kiyaa re
✇ ♀
All India..
You have made all of India your slave
✇ ♀
(Female) Main to tandoori murgi hoon yaar
Gatkaa le saiyyan alcohol se.. O yea!
Mere photo ko seene se yaar, chippka le saiyaan Fevicol se
✇ ♀
I am a (earthen) oven baked chicken
gobble me up with alcohol, oh my beloved, yea
Stick my photo to your chest with Fevicol, with Fevicol
✇ ♀
Log kehte hain mujhe, main to hoon namkeen butter
Kaat doongi main dil ko, meri javaani hai cutter
Mera jalwaa jo dekh le, wo faint ho jaaye
Close karke too rakh le apne naino ka shutter
✇ ♀
People tell me that I am salty butter
I will cut the heart, my sensual youth is a cutter
Any one who sees my splendor, faints
(thus) keep closed, your eyes’ shutter
✇ ♀
(Male) Public shehar ki kare hai teraa wait re..
Arrey thummke jo kamariyaa, hile jila kya state re
Par kahani oh Raani puraani hai teri
Phir bhi photo ko..
Tere photo ko seene mein yaar chipka loonga main Fevicol se
✇ ♀
The public of the city awaits you
When your waist sways, whole state quakes
But oh my Queen, your story is old
But still your photo…
I will stick your photo to my chest with fevicol..
✇ ♀
(Female) My Gypsy with siren taiyaar
Bhaga le ise petrol se..
Petrol se.. petrol se..
Mere photo ko seeney se yaar Chipka le saiyaan..
Chipka le saiyaan Fevicol se
Fevi.. Fevicol se.. Fevicol se..
✇ ♀
My gypsy (popular brand of SUV) is ready with siren
Make it run using petrol
Using petrol.. Using petrol..
Stick my photo on your chest, oh my lover
Stick it using Fevicol, my beloved
Using Fevicol.. Using Fevicol..
✇ ♀
(Female & Male Chorus) Nayan ham ladaayenge baby-doll se
Londiyaa pataaenge missed call se
Bat ball sey, Cinema-hall sey,
Arrey marriage-hall sey, Overall sey
Tere photo ko seeney mein yaar chipkaa loonga main Fevicol sey
✇ ♀
We will make (flirty) eye contact with the baby-doll
We will make the babes ours by missed call
Using bat & ball, with the cinema hall
with marriage hall, with overalls
I will stick your photo to my chest using Fevicol.
✇ ♀
Mere photo ko seeney mein yaar
Chipka le saiyyan..
Chipka le saiyan Fevicol se..”
✇ ♀

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